Resources for Students

Often you will encounter a student that is having a problem and are looking for resources to help alleviate their stress. Check out the 2016-2017 Resource Directory [PDF], a compilation of services by the UMD Counseling Center.

Students in Distress

Faculty and staff play a key role in identifying and responding to distressed students. As a faculty or staff member you often get the first glimpse of students in trouble and may be the first person who students turn to for help. Responding to students in distress, however, can be confusing and overwhelming. Counseling Center staff psychologists, academic skills counselors and disability support specialists prepared this guide to assist you in responding to students in distress.

If you wish to consult with professionals or believe that a student should do so, the Couseling Center staff welcomes the opportunity to help. Please call (x47651) for assistance. For consultation with staff psychologists on non-emergency issues contact the Faculty/Staff Warmline (x47653).  The role you play as a help-giver in the campus community is appreciated. HERE you will find a guide to assist you in helping students in distress.

Helping Students in Distress Handbook

Faculty & Staff Warmline

Counseling Center Website

If you’re working with a student who is especially concerning, disruptive, and/or threatening you may want to consider contacting the BETA (Behavior Evaluation and Threat Assessment) Team. The BETA Team provides expertise from various functional areas to assess concerning behavior and develop strategies to support the well-being and academic success of all students.

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