HelpME Center

The HelpME Center is a collective of undergraduate students in Mechanical Engineering who serve as Teaching Fellows and provide academic assistance for courses.

In light of the COVID19 pandemic that has caused the University of Maryland to shift to online instruction, Mechanical Engineering and its Teaching Fellows maintain a commitment to help students virtually.

Teaching Fellows will be available via email for questions at their normally scheduled office hours and during additional dates throughout the semester. If additional help is needed, a student can ask a T.F. for video conference tutoring via Zoom. Please note, given the large size of our department, you may be sharing that tutoring session with 1 or more students.

Guidelines for online tutoring

  • Dress appropriately and act respectfully.
  • Make sure your background does not contain any offensive material.
  • Try to maintain privacy by using headphones or a quiet room. Minimize distractions.
  • Allow 2 business days for the teaching fellow to answer your question, please contact if it’s been longer than 2 business days and you haven’t heard back. 
  • If you are uncomfortable with the person or the conversation during a session, inform them you are ending the session then shut off the video. Inform the Undergraduate Office ( immediately of these situations.

Any questions can be directed to