Mechanical Engineering Course Flowchart by Academic Year

Goldenrod Course Map

For Students Matriculating in Fall 2017 or Later

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Blue Course Map

For Students Matriculating in Fall 2015 to Spring 2017

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Green Course Map

For New Freshmen Matriculating in Fall 2012 to Spring 2015

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Yellow Course Map

For Freshmen, who started classes before Fall 2012
and Sophomores, who have NOT taken MATH241 by Fall 2012

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White Course Map

For Students Who Passed MATH241 by Fall 2012

Sample Four Year Plans & Plans for QUEST, Co-op, Study Abroad, Minor

  • For students matriculating in Fall 2017 or later (Goldenrod)
  • For students matriculating in Fall 2015 to Spring 2017 (Blue)
  • For Freshmen Matriculating in Fall 2012 to Spring 2015 (Green)
  • For Freshmen who started classes before Fall 2012, and Sophomores who have NOT taken MATH 241 by Fall 2012 (Yellow)
  • For Students who passed MATH 241 by Fall 2012 (White)

FE Exam Review & Information

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is one of the steps in the process leading to the P.E. license. Students who have recently graduated or are close to finishing their undergraduate degree typically take this exam.

  • More information about the exam and how to sign up can be found HERE
  • The University of Maryland has resources and review videos available at no cost to you on the Clark School CANVAS FE Exam Review Site. To request access to the FE Exam Review please fill out the information form found HERE

Applications & Forms  [HERE]


  • BS/MS Program Frequently Asked Questions
    • Learn more about the Mechanical Engineering BS/MS Program – getting started, thesis option, devisions, program steps, etc.
  • BS/MS Program Math Courses
    • A listing of the acceptable Mathematics courses for the MS/BS requirements
  • Campus Resources
    • Tutoring, study skills/time management, career & academic enrichment, and personal wellness resources
  • Forms & Procedures
    • Directions on how to get permission to enroll at another institution or take graduate courses, file an exception to policy, declare a Double Major/Degree, or change your major
  • ME Student co-ops and internships
    • A comprehensive illustration of the Mechanical Engineering Internships and Co-op positions from 2014 to 2018
  • Minors 
    •  A list of popular minors for ME students and the minor contact information.
  • Opportunities to Think About
    • A very large and comprehensive list of exciting opportunities for undergrads in ME, and a full listing of Clubs and Organizations with links and details


CHEM 134, 135Keystone
ENES 100, 102, 220, 221, 232Keystone
ENGL 101, 393Writing Center
Grammar Hotline
ENME 3XX or 4XXHelpME! (Check your calendar)
MATH 140, 141, 241, 246Keystone
Math Testbank
Math Department Tutoring
Math Success
MATH 206MATLAB Tutoring
PHYS 161, 260/261, 270/271Slawsky Clinic
GeneralAcademic Advising
Academic Success Tutorial Services
Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education
Tutoring Database