Course Videos

ENME 207: Fabrication and Machine Tool Practices for Engineering

ENME 416: Additive Manufacturing

ENME 424: Urban Microclimate & Energy

ENME 426: Production Management

ENME 427: CSI Mechanical: Finding Reasons for Compromised Structural Integrity

ENME 430/431: Fundamentals of Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Systems & Safety

ENME 440: Applied Machine Learning for Engineering and Design

ENME 464: Cost Analysis for Engineers

ENME 442: Information Security

ENME 465: Probability-Based Design

ENME 466: Lean Six Sigma

ENME 486: Computational Modeling, Simulation, and Interactive Visualization

ENME 489D: Flight Dynamics & Simulation

ENME 489C: Medical Robotics

ENME 489L: Bio-Inspired Robotics

ENME 489Y: Remote Sensing